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Storyboard Artist / Director / Animator



I am an Animator/ Director/ Storyboard Artist that fell in love with film and animation when I was a kid and just never grew up.

When I'm not working on a specific project you'll find me at home working on personal projects or with my family. 


My experience in storyboarding and telling stories through animation is something that I've been perfecting for 20 years.

I love experimenting with new techniques that offer a new look or challenges me to tell the best story.

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Trilogy Animation

Dec 2019 - 2022


Veggie Tales (Animated Series)


Tutenstein (the Animated Series)

The little Drummer Boy (Feature)


Film Roman

Aug 2019 - 2020


What to Do With an Idea (theatrical short)

Dreamworks TV Animation

Jan 2014 – Jul 2019

Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous (Executive Producer)

Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny (Executive Producer)

The Adventures of Puss in Boots (Supervising Producer)

Disney Television Animation

Aug 2013 – Jan 2014

Star and the Forces of Evil (Storyboard Supervisor)

Nickelodeon Animation

Dec 2005 – Jul 2013

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (Director/storyboards)

Fanboy and Chum Chum (storyboard artist)

Tak and the Power of Juju (Director\storyboards)

Warner Bros Television Animation

Aug 2003 - Nov 2005

Storyboard Artist/Animation

Kangaroo Jack (Video Feature)

Mike Young Productions

Aug 2002 – Aug 2003

Storyboard Artist/Character Design

Clifford the Big Red Dog Feature

Hyperion Studios

Apr 2002 – Nov 2002

Storyboard Artist

Proud Family (Animated Series)

Cartoon Network

Sept 2001 – Jan 2002

Character Layout

Power Puff Girls (Feature)

Meatball Animation

Aug 2000 – Jul 2001

Character Animation/Storyboard Artist/Visual Development

Crazy Nights (Feature)

Sony Family Entertainment

Feb 1999 – Jul 2000

Storyboard Artist/Character Layout

Jackie Chan Adventures (storyboard artist)

Dilbert (character layout)

Warner Bros. Feature Animation

Jun 1996 – Nov 1998

Iron Giant (character animation)

Quest for Camelot (character animation)

Space Jam (inbetweener)

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The following artwork (animatics) is my work.  The drawings, the color, the timing and the selection of music (which I do not own) are all mine.  There is an animatic trailer that I have put together under personal Animatics in the menu at the top of my site.   I encourage you to take a look at it. This showcases a sort of personal project.  All one has to do is email me for the password and it shall be granted.  HA, that sounds like a line out of a movie.   I did have an editor help me put these together but other than that, it is all my work.


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Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny Intro

Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny Intro
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All Categories
Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny Intro

Kung Fu Panda: Paws of Destiny Intro

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Adventures of Puss in Boots: Doll fight sequence

Adventures of Puss in Boots: Doll fight sequence

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Do you have questions about any of my work? Would you like to collaborate together on a project? Please feel free to get in touch with me today.

Based in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Thanks for submitting!

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